Friday, June 12, 2009

Amman Explorer: new GAM website

The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) launched the "Amman Explorer" project to help the capital's residents and visitors navigate the city through the Internet.

By using the "Amman Explorer" website,, citizens can save time and effort when obtaining information and data from GAM, Hassan Kiswani, director of the geographical information system (GIS) department said.

The project provides several direct services through the Internet including search engines for street names and building numbers in addition to categories of land plots and usage, according to the municipality.

The Arabic-language website also provides search engines for major city destinations and infrastructure services for each street and area, including electricity and sewage networks.

Citizens can file complaints through the website directly to concerned departments in GAM, which in turn will inform citizens of efforts to solve the issue in question via e-mail and SMS, according to GAM.

Meanwhile, GAM will issue electronic versions of its structural plan, after it has connected the capital's 27 neighbourhoods to the GIS, Kiswani said.

According to the GIS department, citizens can now obtain an accurate an up-to-date land layout within minutes.


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