Monday, May 04, 2009

SuperPad 3, Mobile GIS software soon to launch

SuperGeo Technologies announced that the company will release the Beta version of its key product, the Mobile GIS software called SuperPad 3.

Different from SuperPad 2, SuperPad 3 is using the brand new SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3.0 as its operation core. Therefore, it is claimed that regarding the functions, SuperPad 3 can provide powerful performance, higher speed and user-friendly manipulation interface than SuperPad 2. Besides, SuperPad 3 also supports developers to develop the self-developed plug-in extensions, such as self-developed layer format, legend, GPS Protocol and toolbar buttons, in order to meet more users’ request and improves efficiency and expansion of field surveying.

The features of the Mobile Phone GIS software, SuperPad 3, are stated as below:

1. With brand new .NET CF core component, it is able to run in any device that supports .NET CF (WinCE/Smart Phone/Desktop), such as PDA, smart phone, etc.
2. Brand new toolbar design gives users more user-friendly and convenient manipulation.
3. Screen Lock function can reduce the risk of changing map by accidentally touching during manipulation.
4. The transparent setting of layer display has improved the display and harmony of overall screen.
5. Brand new editing tools, such as Undo and Redo, and writing in all editing actions at a time, can improve the entire access performance.
6. Brand new photo layer management combines image and GPS information, so the creation of photo layer can be rapidly done. Then photos can be opened by hyperlink on the map, making users feel like in the scenery.
7. As GPS function is activated, the current latitude and longitude of GPS position will be displayed on the GPS status bar at the bottom of the screen, allowing users to catch the correct coordinate all the time.
8. Brand new PC version Image Rectification 3.0 supports to export to JPEG format (*.jpeg), and the rectified image layer can be used in SuperGIS series software.
9. The developer can self-develop plug-in extensions to enlarge the SuperPad practical utility. Developers can use SuperPad Builder to customize the needed functions, for example customization of Sketch Labeling function can sketch labels on mobile device.
10. The map files for SuperPad and SuperWebGIS are exchangeable.
11. The map file (*.spm) of SuperPad 2 is readable in SuperPad 3.
12. Legends of SuperGIS Desktop products and SuperPad 3 are exchangeable, which can improve the usability of graphic data.



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