Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mapplet 5.0 software for Advanced Enterprise GIS Viewing

Spatial Wave, Inc. announced today the release of Mapplet 5.0, which is now shipping to new customers and those on maintenance.

Mapplet is the most advanced GIS viewer that takes advantage of proven technology from ESRI and Microsoft to offer a framework for developing in-house GIS portals. Mapplet 5.0 is built on ESRI’s Application Development Framework (ADF) technology and supports both ArcGIS Server and ArcIMS simultaneously. Using Mapplet.NET any organization can build powerful GIS portals with ArcGIS Server and ArcIMS to view and analyze data within hours without the need for any programming. Mapplet.NET has many powerful features which make it an ideal platform for utility companies interested in developing GIS portals that allow them to view and query not only GIS data, but other related facilities databases such as: Customer Maintenance; or Document Management Systems.

This release builds on the success of Mapplet.NET 4.1’s ease-of-use and functionality and includes a completely redesigned Graphical User Interface (GUI). The new design allows for a larger view area of the map and the ability to dock different windows based user's requirements. New features of Mapplet 5.0 include new Smart Client, and Web GUI, support for multiple map windows, map based collaboration, map tips, comprehensive linked data viewing component, among other features. Mapplet 5.0 is the first ArcGIS Server based viewer with support for display, query, and viewing, of dynamically segmented routes, which is a key capability for supporting utility and transportation data models. Mapplet 5.0 has support and optimization built-in for taking advantage of the ArcGIS Server caching technology to deliver high quality maps with fast performance.

“We have continued the innovation of our Mapplet product to take advantage of ESRI’s technology in ArcGIS Server. Mapplet 5.0 represents our best response to meeting the requirements of our users to get them started quickly with ArcGIS Server”, said Dr. Ali Diba, President of Spatial Wave.


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