Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leica Geosystems single/dual grade lasers

With the new Leica Rugby 260SG, 270SG and 280DG Leica Geosystems extends its wide range of rugged construction lasers. The user friendly lasers are packed with latest technology of highest quality. They are easy to use and are suitable for flat, grade and even interior applications (Rugby 280DG).

For many years Leica Rugby lasers are recognized as being the most reliable in the market. The Leica Rugby 260SG, 270SG and 280DG lasers are a new generation of multipurpose horizontal/vertical grade lasers for the general construction market addressing a large customer base. They offer contractors a real choice of features and functionalities for virtually any application. All lasers are equipped with a large LCD display and an easy-to-use five button key pad.

Leica Rugby 260SG – A highly accurate single grade laser for general construction. The Rugby 260SG is a high accurate single-grade laser designed as entry model in the general construction market. It has a rugged housing, full LCD display for ease of use, includes a highly visible red beam laser and semi-automatic leveling mode with a working range of up to 600 meters in diameter.

Leica Rugby 270SG – A fully automatic, single grade laser. The Rugby 270 SG is based on the same platform as the Rugby 260SG but has the full automatic leveling mode and has an extended working range of up to 700 meters in diameter.

Leica Rugby 280DG - Horizontal, vertical dual grade laser for any exterior and interior application. The Rugby 280DG is a multipurpose laser with full automatic, dual grade capability. Featured with a red bright beam the laser additionally features a plumb beam, scan mode, horizontal and vertical self-levelling, a dual grade up to 15% in both axes and is available with a two-way remote control.

Swiss Technology – built to last with warranty extension options up to five years. All Rugby models are rugged and reliable and built on Leica Geosystems’ Swiss Technology to withstand harshest construction environment. The new Rugby lasers are backed with a two-year plus knockdown warranty and a factory warranty that can be extended up to five years.


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