Monday, May 04, 2009

GeoCore toolkit, released

Blue Marble Geographics has announced the release of GeoCore, an all-in-one geospatial data translation toolkit that supports coordinate, geometry, vector, CAD, raster, and LIDAR data. GeoCore gives software developers the coordinate transformation and definition powers, plus the ability to handle all raster and vector file format and geometry needs with GeoTranslate and GeoTransform. GeoTranslate 5.0.1 and GeoTransform 6.0 are the vector and raster components of GeoCore.

Additionally coordinate definition and manipulation support in GeoCore comes from GeoCalc 6.4, the latest offering of our coordinate transformation "engine" that performs on-the-fly coordinate transformations as well as geodetic calculations. When used within any GPS, surveying, engineering, or mapping system, GeoCalc provides highly accurate and dependable geographic coordinate transformations and geodetic calculations.


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