Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dubai's Street Atlas launched

As reported, tThe Middle East's map publisher, Explorer Publishing has released Dubai's complete street atlas which includes over 3,000 streets and 110,000 buildings. Two years in the making, the Dubai Complete Street Atlas provides both residents and visitors with 200 pages of detailed maps and an index comprising 13,000 entries.

Alistair Mackenzie, Publisher, Explorer Publishing comments: "To be able to develop and release the Dubai Complete Street Atlas has been extremely rewarding, as it is an indication of how much Dubai has developed in recent years. We feel privileged to be part of such a fast-growing region that has witnessed vast changes."

With a team of highly skilled cartographers and designers, combined with award-winning print quality and mapping capabilities, Explorer has published numerous mapping products includes mini maps, city maps, image maps, road maps, country atlases and off road maps.

Explorer Publishing was founded in Dubai in 1995, and has rapidly expanded its portfolio of residents' guides, mini visitors' guides, mini maps, maps and atlases, lifestyle guides and photography books, covering the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and beyond.


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