Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CartoVista 2.0, now available

DBx GEOMATICS inc. announced the release of CartoVista 2.0 with new cartographic publishing tools and application extendibility through Adobe Flex.

The new CartoVista Publisher is a state-of-the-art desktop application designed to support every aspect of a CartoVista 2.0 deployment. The CartoVista Publisher features advanced management tools to create and maintain any maps or data used by the application. It centralises the management of the users’ map files and style settings so that they can rapidly create maps without having to find map files each time, or reapply style settings. CartoVista Publisher provides tremendous cartographic freedom to create very high quality maps from existing GIS data.

The CartoVista 2.0 display engine features enhancements to thematic display and visualisation. The addition of new color schemes, selection views and new histogram options significantly enhances the display of strategic data.

A CartoVista Flex API is now available, leveraging Flex to extend CartoVista and create interactive dashboards. The Adobe Flex framework already includes a comprehensive set of components to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Combining CartoVista with the Flex framework allows users to implement additional graphs, charts and windows to deploy a customised CartoVista application.


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