Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SheetCutter and TemplateDesigner software ver. 7.0

New Century Software has announced the release of version 7.0 of its SheetCutter and TemplateDesigner applications. The release includes significant enhancements to the workflow that pipeline operators and engineering firms experience when generating alignment sheets and area maps from a pipeline GIS.

SheetCutter is used for generating alignment sheets and area maps from a pipeline GIS implementation. With the release of version 7.0, users can create, delete, and generate sheets directly from the Table of Contents view within ArcMAP. This tight ArcMAP integration reduces the number of clicks needed to complete tasks and makes the workflow more intuitive for new users. The application has also been upgraded to accept both non-measured centerlines and non-numerical Route IDs.

TemplateDesigner allows users to create custom alignment sheet and area map templates for use within SheetCutter. The application now includes a Band Manager panel so users can quickly view the available band types and apply them towards a mapping template. Users will also find the process of configuring data sources and editing symbology.


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