Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Map Suite Silverlight Edition 3.0 released

ThinkGeo has announced the release of Map Suite Silverlight Edition 3.0 Beta 1, the newest entry in the Map Suite family of GIS developer controls for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Silverlight Edition is claimed to be a full-featured GIS control designed to bring powerful spatial features to Microsoft Silverlight-based applications, where developers can take advantage of user interfaces and animation effects to give their applications visual appeal.

Microsoft Silverlight technology helps developers impress their customers with user interface designs, animation effects, mouse wheel scrolling, dynamic refreshes, track zooming and more.

Unlike scaled-down GIS software for Silverlight, Map Suite Silverlight Edition is a full-featured GIS control with the same power and flexibility of ThinkGeo's other Map Suite products. Developers can use it to add maps with advanced functionality like spatial queries, interactive shape drawing and editing, point animation, distance calculations, rich tooltips and markers, and projections.

ThinkGeo plans to release additional new beta versions of Map Suite Silverlight Edition 3.0 in the coming weeks, all of which will add even more features and capabilities.


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