Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GIS: Convert shapefiles to KML format

G-Tek Solutions is optimistic in the use of KML file format and believes it will become more popular as a means of reducing production costs related to GIS. The objective of the KML converter software is to provide an alternative means at viewing data to organizations that may not have a huge budget and to help non-GIS users view data without expensive GIS software.

4MAT2KML Professional is a stand alone program that allows you to utilise your existing shapefiles and personal geodatabases and convert them into a KML format. This product currently supports files stored in NAD1927/NAD1983 UTM or SPCS projections.

4MAT2KML Lite lets you convert tabular data into a KML file format. The tabular data must reside in a DBF file format and it must contain LAT/LONG numeric data stored in decimal degrees.

Both programs allow users to customize the KML output by modifying the description of the fields, select the desired fields for data extraction, choose an icon and determine line width and color for polyline and polygon data.


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