Thursday, April 16, 2009

Geospatial surveillance solutions from Intergraph and SightLogix

Report: Intergraph, a global provider of geospatially powered software, and SightLogix, maker of outdoor intelligent video surveillance systems, have seamlessly integrated SightLogix' GPS-based video analytic sensors with Intergraph's scalable decision-support system for comprehensive detection, assessment, and response to security incidents.

The SightLogix Enterprise Security System is designed to detect, track and zoom in on intrusions using the SightLogix SightSensor and SightTracker over large perimeters and outdoor areas. When linked with the Intergraph system, GIS-registered target data regarding the size, velocity and exact bearings of a detected target are combined into an easy-to-assimilate, common operational picture.

Capable of long-range detection in the harshest outdoor environment, SightLogix' automated, GPS video analytics are claimed to be well-suited for locking down perimeters and buffer zones, while the Intergraph system displays and fuses multiple sensor activities into a single interface. The combination of GPS-enabled intelligence within a single, easy to understand interface provides the critical domain awareness necessary for a proactive security implementation.

The SightLogix/Intergraph integration is well suited for organisations that must coordinate various sensor technologies among multiple security teams for a unified and appropriate response. Security personnel at airports, transportation centers, border patrol, utilities, petroleum refineries, nuclear plants, financial institutions, and other organisations with large outdoor areas can all benefit from the actionable intelligence derived from this integrated solution.


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