Monday, April 13, 2009

Free download Virtual Earth 3D 4.0, now available

Virtual Earth 3D 4.0 is now available for download from Microsoft. The latest iteration of the Virtual Earth 3D Control went live on the Microsoft Download Center on April 9, 2009, concomitantly with additional changes introduced by the company to its mapping, location and search platform. In this regard, Microsoft also delivered the April 2009 release of the Virtual Earth API (application-programming interface), which brings to the table an evolved AJAX control. While new features are available with the latest release of Virtual Earth 3D, Microsoft has emphasised that the upgrade is, in fact, focussed on delivering a consistent performance boost ahead of anything else.

Among the enhancements that end-users will be bound to notice, in addition to the boost in performance is the introduction of Anisotropic Filtering. Microsoft indicated that the appearance of the terrain was improved no matter the angle of view, but that the new feature was off by default in order to tailor Virtual Earth 3D to the array of graphics cards. But once switched on, Anisotropic Filtering will deliver a high level of detail and reduce blur.


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