Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Download new ENVI 4.6 and modules

ITT Visual Information Solutions has released a number of new and updated modules to extend the functionality of IDL and ENVI -- including the new ENVI 4.6. You can buy and download the ENVI 4.6 from the ITT website.

ENVI 4.6 builds on the workflow advances introduced in recent releases by providing additional automated workflows to step you through today’s popular image processing functions. ENVI 4.6 also adds file format support for new image platforms. New enhancements to ENVI add-on modules are also being released concurrently with ENVI 4.6, including updates to the ENVI Feature Extraction Module and the ENVI Flaash Module, now called the ENVI Atmospheric Correction Module.

New File Format Support. ENVI is consistently upgraded to support new data formats that you use today or will be using in the near future. ENVI 4.6 provides support for new, popular geospatial data formats including GeoEye-1 support for 4-band multispectral data and support for KompSat-2 data.

Other IDL and ENVI News and Updates

New! ENVI Orthorectification Module

Newly released, the ENVI Orthorectification Module delivers a trusted, rigorous orthorectification method along with robust capabilities, all distilled into an easy-to-use workflow. Designed for use by non-expert and expert users alike, the wizard based interface guides users through orthorectification steps to quickly produce accurate results.

ENVI Atmospheric Correction Module

The ENVI Atmospheric Correction Module allows you to easily remove atmospheric interference from your imagery, providing you with data that is accurate and reliable. This add-on module to ENVI delivers a flexible solution with the accuracy and scientific detail you need, regardless of your application.

IDL Advanced Math and Stats Module

Formerly IDL Analyst, the IDL Advanced Math and Stats Module integrates the comprehensive mathematical and statistical routines of the IMSL Numerical Library with the advanced data visualization and analysis capabilities of IDL. This add-on IDL module is designed for any user who wants to take advantage of pre-built functionality to quickly and easily add more mathematical and statistical capabilities to IDL applications.

For the modules, here.

For the ENVI 4.6 latest release, here.


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