Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Canada underground water maps

Scientists in Canada are mapping the underground water supplies across the country to provide policy makers information for developing water conservation laws. The study is the first modern water survey in Canada using such advanced tools as computer modeling, satellite imagery and airborne geophysical surveys, after the last national mapping study of aquifers in 1967, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)reported.

The study, which started in 2003, aims to collect information about 30 major aquifers across the country, out of which 12 have been surveyed so far. Alfonso Rivera, chief hydrogeologist with the Geological Survey of Canada, said so far the study has found there are close to 100,000 cubic kilometers of water hidden in aquifers across the country.

However, most of the rich resource is "fossil water" that was trapped underground long ago and is not rechargeable, he said. The data obtained will be used to develop computer models that decision-makers can use to forecast the effect of human use, oil and gas extraction, climate change and other factors. [via]


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