Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Way2Go, Web-to-Mobile GPS Navigation in Full 3D Photography and Elevation

3DVU launches Way2Go, the first and only personalized Web-to-Mobile route planner giving real-time turn-by-turn, GPS tracking, voice and text guidance navigation for PC and mobile phones with full 3D aerial photography and real terrain elevation of entire countries.

Way2Go is based on patented technology, enabling users to plan, preview, share and navigate their routes in a full 3D virtual world with smooth zooming and perspective angle maneuverability. Way2Go one-ups mapping solutions like MapQuest, Google Map and Yahoo Maps

Way2Go is now available for over two hundred million mobile users with Symbian S60 devices including Nokia's popular phones and hundreds of Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. Way2Go's multi-language navigation, provides coverage of the entire USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France and Czech Republic with continuous imagery for smooth maneuverability, change of zoom level and perspective angel in full 3D unlike other websites and mobile navigation solutions.

Consumers can buy Way2Go from http://www.w2g.navi2go.com for a $4.99 monthly service providing up to 15 routes with maximum distance of 5,000 km. Way2Go will soon be sold on application shops such as Handmark, Handango, PocketGear, Mobile2Day, Handster as well as major mobile operator shops such as Sprint, Alltel and Verizon.


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