Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PCI Geomatics ProLines GeoImaging Server

PCI Geomatics, developer of products and solutions for the geo-imaging market, announced the release of a new cost effective system for automated satellite image processing and job scheduling. The ProLines GeoImaging Server, is an off the shelf, hardware based, high performance image processing system. Today’s announcement was made at the ASPRS 2009 Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

“The need for advanced image processing and increased throughput was apparent and PCI Geomatics recognized this requirement for organizations wanting to save time and money,” said Brad Schmidt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, PCI Geomatics. “For PCI, the ProLines GeoImaging Server represents an extension of our GeomaticaX offering into the realm of high performance computing; this will enable organizations to remove processing bottlenecks while reducing operational costs. The ProLines GeoImaging Server is showcasing to the world, PCI’s expertise and knowledge in image processing and automation.”

PCI Geomatics currently delivers client configured ProLines GeoImaging Servers for orthorectification, pansharpening and mosaic creation, for most satellite and aerial sensors.

This system brings specialised geo-imaging processing to an open architecture leveraging high performance hardware components, controlled by an advanced Job Processing System (JPS). The ProLines GeoImaging Server can be configured as a desk-side or rack-mount system, and key components such as data storage and GPU processing can be upgraded to meet client demands.


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