Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Leica GNSS Spider V3.2

Leica has released its GNSS Spider V3.2 to further enhance its versatility to future proof GNSS technology. Leica GNSS Spider allows any manufacturer’s rover systems that follow the RTCM standards, to seamlessly use both networked and single base GPS & GLONASS correction data. With new direct text messaging from the network using a standard RTCM message, rover users in the field can take advantage from direct feedback on their connection.

Leica Geosystems applies the latest processing technology to ensure no biases impact measurements. With GPS L2C as well as GLONASS data processing any potentially possible inter-manufacturer receiver biases are correctly considered by the new processing algorithms. Ongoing research and development ensures that each new version of GNSS Spider sets new standards for Network RTK performance and reliability.

Leica GNSS Spider has been further optimized allowing import of RINEX files into the application to add new reference stations. Easy drag and drop of one or more RINEX allows the operator to efficiently setup and configure his network stations. Also V3.2 adds support for the new generation of Leica GPS1200+ GNSS receivers and the new Leica AR25 3D four-constellation choke ring antenna.


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