Friday, March 13, 2009

Google Maps of the Philippines

[via] Notes written by Filipinos on Google Map Maker can now be seen on Google Maps, allowing users around the world to see accurate and updated online maps as well as new roads and attractions in the Philippines.

Launched in the country in October last year, Google Map Maker – which allows users to edit Google Maps data – enabled local map enthusiasts to contribute to the building and updating of the country’s online map data.

Since the launch, hundreds of users have contributed tens of thousands of edits, reflecting the overwhelming enthusiasm by Filipinos to collaborate online and share their knowledge of their neighborhoods with the rest of the Internet community, a statement released by Google Inc. said.

Filipino civil engineers, business executives, programmers, entrepreneurs, and students have all contributed to Google Map Maker, the statement said.

Through a moderation and verification process, most of these edits, which include street-level data, landmark tags, and business establishments, can now be seen on Google Maps, it added.

“Because of the collaborative efforts of local map enthusiasts, we are beginning to see the “physical face" of the Philippines getting clearer over time for the global community to see. This is a great start, but know there is much more to do, so we encourage you to join your fellow Pinoys and contribute to Google Map Maker to give the Philippines an accurate virtual country map to be proud of," said Derek Callow, Head of Marketing, Google Southeast Asia.


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