Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ESRI (UK) CrimeAnalyst 1.6

ESRI (UK) has announced the release of CrimeAnalyst 1.6 International Service Pack 1. The Service Pack 1 includes French language help files, as well as improvements for French and Spanish language usage. Quality improvements are also added with this service pack release.

ESRI (UK) recommends that all CrimeAnalyst users - including those in the UK - apply this service pack.

About CrimeAnalyst v1.6 International Service Pack 1
What's New?
# French online help now available

# English text on the data Clock output now correctly displays in Spanish or French, as appropriate

# English text on the Query Window now correctly displays in Spanish or French, as appropriate

# Improvements to the French language used on some dialogs

# Spanish text on the advanced options in the Hotspot tool has been corrected

# The Hotspot tool now allows use of selections on the point layer at the top of the table of contents

# An intermittent exception using the Contour tool has been corrected

# Selection of features by selecting segments of a data Clock has been improved

# An error in the Contour tool when saving to File-based and Personal Geodatabases has been corrected

# Other quality improvements


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