Monday, February 23, 2009

RapidEye satellite image distributor for Mexico, Central America

RapidEye, has reached a contractual agreement with the Mexican company Bufete de IngenierĂ­a en Telecomunicaciones y Sistemas, S.A. de C.V. (B.I.T.S.), to be their sole distributor of satellite imagery in Mexico and Central America. The agreement was signed in Brandenburg, Germany, between the CEO of B.I.T.S., Mr. Hector Betancourt and RapidEye's CEO, Mr. Wolfgang G. Biedermann.

Hector Betancourt, CEO of B.I.T.S., said: “We are extremely satisfied to be part of the worldwide team of RapidEye distributors. RapidEye's satellite image data will provide our customers in Mexico and Central America with invaluable information about our countries. Due to our country's geographical and meteorological characteristics, we trust RapidEye data will be of vital importance. We are positive about the capacities of RapidEye's satellite system and the quality of their satellite imagery and will contribute to the economic growth of RapidEye in our region.”

“We are very proud to have B.I.T.S. as a dynamic business partner, and we have been talking with them for quite some time. RapidEye is happy that we have a common vision for the partnership of our companies,” commented Michael Prechtel, Head of Marketing and Sales for RapidEye. “We are looking forward to working with Hector and his team. They have a great enthusiasm that should help increase our visibility and boost the sales of our products on that side of the Atlantic.”


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