Friday, February 06, 2009


The ORNL DAAC discontinued the distribution of Collection 4 MODIS Land Product Subsets on January 31, 2009, as part of the MODIS Land Team's switch from Collection 4 to Collection 5. The Collection 5 products and subsets, created using improved algorithms, have been available since September 2006.

The ORNL DAAC will continue to offer Collection 5 MODIS Land Product Subsets in a variety of ways including:

1. Subsets for over 1,000 fixed sites world wide in ASCII and GeoTIFF formats:

2. Subsets for any user selected site world wide in ASCII and GeoTIFF formats:

3. Programmatically obtain ASCII subsets using SOAP based Web Service [Beta]:

The ORNL DAAC is also pleased to announce the following updates to our MODIS Global Tool:

1. Availability of 500-m Collection 5 MODIS land cover product (MCD12Q1)

2. Stackable time series visualization for inter-annual comparison

For more information about ORNL DAAC MODIS products see: .

The ORNL DAAC is a NASA-funded center archiving and distributing terrestrial ecology and biogeochemical dynamics data.


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