Friday, February 20, 2009

NearMap: Mosaic of high-resolution images

An Australian venture capital company called Ipernica has purchased a small geospatial startup in Western Australia called NearMap.

NearMap's founder Nixon says NearMap is a vehicle to launch the next generation of technology. It is an engine for mosaicing large amounts of very high definition imagery. Its novel imaging technology is set to enable the capture of 3D urban models.

Imagery is sourced from NearMap’s HyperPod aerial camera system, which consists of four oblique cameras grouped around a nadir camera. It generates about a gigabyte of raw data every second. It is the subject of a new patent in the US.

Initial prototype and pre-production testing was carried out in Perth. Between June and November, high-resolution photomaps of the city were captured on a monthly basis.


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