Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Free 3d thematic mapping tool

UUorld is a cutting-edge 3d mapping engine built by a small team of developers in San Francisco. It provides simple point-and-click interaction to display quantitative and thematic data in three dimensions, providing an intuitive presentation of complex spatial data. Maps can be quickly exported as custom videos or as KML files for Google Earth.

UUorld's desktop software is backed by over 10,000 free geo-statistics, such as country GDP, population density in US counties and zip codes, or coffee exports by country. All data sets are collected from reputable sources including the UN, US Census Bureau, and the CIA World Factbook. These statistics are also available online at

UUorld is built for Mac, Windows, and Linux. A free, non-commercial version is available at

A sample image of population density in the US is found HERE.

A sample video showing a sobering trend in life expectancies in Africa is found HERE.


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