Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FortiusOne and CloudMade integration

FortiusOne, a provider of next-generation location intelligence that bridges the analysis of GIS with the open and intuitive GeoWeb, announced their integration with CloudMade, a provider of cartographic tools built around OpenStreetMap data. CloudMade's HTTP Tile API will be integrated into the GeoCommons platform to enable even greater flexibility when building rich map visualizations. CloudMade's customizable tiles will allow FortiusOne's customers to design and import custom tiles as basemaps in GeoCommons.

While the GeoCommons platform currently supports major tile providers such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Road, Aerial, Terrain via the open-source ModestMaps library, there are still limitations and assumptions to the base cartography in popular tiles. By adding CloudMade's customizable tiles, users can better convey the stories they are telling.

About FortiusOne
FortiusOne is leading the next-generation of location intelligence by bridging the powerful analysis of GIS with the open and intuitive GeoWeb. FortiusOne technology enables faster decision-making, increased ROI and greater collaboration within your organization.


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