Saturday, February 07, 2009

e-NC Authority's Broadband Access Service Provider Mapping System

The e-NC Authority's Broadband Access Mapping Application enables you to view the location of available high-speed Internet access and other telecommunication services in North Carolina. This is a stand-alone application that uses ESRI's ArcGIS Server software, but much of the data that can be displayed in this mapping application originates from the e-NC Authority's Service Provider Update (SPU) application. SPU is a relational database and online editing application that allows Internet Service Providers in North Carolina to log in and add new or update existing information about the types of services they offer and the location of those services. This database is not accessible by the general public, but a subset (non-sensitive information) of this database is exported on a periodic basis and joined to the various GIS layers contained in this mapping application.

This application is available to inform a variety of public and private decisions:

* Telecom Service providers can view the information they have approved for display to verify that the location and attribute information is current and to see how they fit into the distribution patterns of regional services in their industry.
* Economic developers and site selection process managers can quickly assess services in a region and find contact information for details on service availability from particular service providers. This mapping application also contains demographic information from the US Census Bureau and the NC Department of Commerce EDIS data, such as population, housing, and employment, is attached to the Counties layer, as well as the 2000 Census Blocks layer.
* Private Citizens can use this site to identify the types of high-speed Internet services (Cable Modem, DSL) offered in an area and also to locate contact information for the service providers. Note: Although someone may reside within a telecom service area where a provider has stated they offer high-speed Internet access, they do not guarantee that each home within the service area will be able to obtain high-speed Internet service. Line quality and last-mile distance from transmission equipment can affect service availability. Prospective customers must call the service provider to confirm availability.


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