Sunday, February 22, 2009

Download Free Version ERDAS Field Guide

The purpose of the ERDAS Field Guide (version October 2008) is to provide background information on why one might use particular geographic information system (GIS) and image processing functions and how the software is manipulating the data, rather than what buttons to push to actually perform those functions. This book is also aimed at a diverse audience: from those who are new to geoprocessing to those savvy users who have been in this industry for years. For the novice, the ERDAS Field Guide provides a brief history of the field, an extensive glossary of terms, and notes about applications for the different processes described.

For the experienced user, the ERDAS Field Guide includes the formulas and algorithms that are used in the code, so that he or she can see exactly how each operation works.

Although the ERDAS Field Guide is primarily a reference to basic image processing and GIS concepts, it is geared toward ERDAS IMAGINE users and the functions within ERDAS IMAGINE software, such as GIS analysis, image processing, cartography and map projections, graphics display hardware, statistics, and remote sensing. However, in some cases, processes and functions are described that may not be in the current version of the software, but planned for a future release. There may also be functions described that are not available on your system, due to the actual package that you are using.

The enthusiasm with which the first four editions of the ERDAS Field Guide were received has been extremely gratifying, both to the authors and to Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping, LLC as a whole. First conceived as a helpful manual for users, the ERDAS Field Guide is now being used as a textbook, lab manual, and training guide
throughout the world.

The ERDAS Field Guide will continue to expand and improve to keep pace with the profession. Suggestions and ideas for future editions are always welcome, and should be addressed to the Technical Writing department of Engineering at Leica Geosystems, in Norcross, Georgia.

Download Free Version ERDAS Field Guide here.


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