Thursday, February 12, 2009

Diadiem, Asia's first 3D mapping web and iPhone technology is providing the Vietnamese consumer with Asia’s first 3D mapping technology on the web and iPhone. The company has been working with various partners to build useful applications that can be enriched with innovative mapping technologies.

The 3D map enables users to understand the size and perspective of buildings and the surrounding areas. DiaDiem adds a main feature that helps find out a user’s current location using both non-GPS phones and GPS phones. This helps locate the point of interest closest to the user and they get directions to other locations without entering their current location.

A screenshot of the environment is below. It is more like a Google map clone, with the features the site contains. The difference is that it is focused for the Vietnamese viewers or tourists wanting to learn the ins and outs of Vietnam's streets.

You will be prompted with a Vietnamese language window once you click the site. However, there is a button right on top for the "English" option.

I tried to use the "direction" feature and it took almost 5 minutes to load a map that shows a simple route from point A to B. The loading speed has to be looked into!


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