Monday, February 02, 2009

3TIER expands FirstLook Prospecting tool

3TIER has expanded its FirstLook Prospecting tool, providing free access to average wind speed ranges anywhere in the world, through a dynamic 5 km resolution map. FirstLook provides a Web-based assessment tool to globally prospect for viable wind energy generation locations.

"We developed this map as part of REmapping the World, a sophisticated renewable energy resource mapping initiative we launched in March 2008 to address the biggest barrier to global renewable energy adoption - the lack of information," says Kenneth Westrick, CEO and founder of 3TIER.

As renewable energy developers identify promising wind resources, they can augment FirstLook's initial wind assessment by purchasing FirstLook assessment reports that provide an in-depth estimate of wind resources in specific locations.

3TIER ran its model through a 10-year simulation across the world's landmass at a 5 km resolution. The results then were calibrated and validated with observational data to create the final dataset and, ultimately, the world wind map.

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  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    FirstLook is a nice tool, but no way to make money on it. Use it while you can - 3TIER laid off 19 people today, 1/3 of the workforce.