Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Russian satellite radar monitoring project - - complete

ScanEx RDC specialists have recently completed a programme of satellite radar monitoring for the Russian EMERCOM (Ministry of Emergencies), aimed at ship navigation assessment and detection of oil spills on the surface of the five Russian seas (Barents, Okhotsk, Japan, Caspian and Black seas). The programme was named Five Russian Seas Monitoring Project.

During the programme two ScanEx’s ground receiving stations in Moscow and Magadan captured radar data from Radarsat-1 (Canada) and Envisat-1 (ESA) satellites in different imaging modes, both high and middle resolution with the scene size from 50х50 to 500х500 km2. Processed satellite data was supplied to the end user throughout Russian Regions in near real-time via “Kosmosnimki – Seas of Russia” geoportal (http://new.test.kosmosnimki.ru/) in free and restricted access modes.

Within the two-week satellite monitoring period 37 images were acquired, processed and analysed.

It was the first time that such large scale operational services of satellite imagery were delivered to the user in the country. According to a release by ScanEx, as a result of the implementation of the programme a technology of all-weather satellite-based ecological and shipping situation monitoring was created and tested with near real-time data delivery to end-users within 1-2 hours after imaging. “It is important to work out a system of information integration into the control and decision-making systems of Emercom and other agencies”, - said ScanEx Vice-President Olga Gershenzon.


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