Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RapidEye images free download - demo products

You can download for free RapidEye images -- demo products. RapidEye system has made the demonstration products available for the public for the very first time.

The sample datasets are available for download as a RapidEye Ortho Product (level 3A) and RapidEye Basic Product (level 1B). The RapidEye Ortho Product (level 3A) images have not only been radiometrically corrected, but also have been orthorectified using Ground Control Points and a DTED level 1 SRTM DEM (digital elevation model) or better.

The RapidEye Basic Product (level 1B) has radiometric and sensor corrections applied to the data. The sample datasets include a metadata file, giving the user information about the image such as the acquisition date and time, file format, product level and locational coordinates. The datasets can be downloaded for free instantly as a zip-file from the RapidEye website.


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