Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Live Search Maps Netherlands -- Virtual Earth Netherlands

Another localized version of Live Search Maps is now live in the Netherlands. According to Microsoft [via], the website has at its heart almost exclusively the Virtual Earth platform, and in this sense is capable of offering visitors the same experience as its English-speaking brother.

What's new with Live Search Maps - Netherlands? Features include:

- Straat (Road Maps)
- Lucht (Aerial Maps)
- Vogelvlucht-weergave (Bird’s Eye View)
- 3D capabilities, Bedrijven (Search Yellow Pages)
- Verzamelingen (Explore Collections)
- Delen (Share)
- Route-advies (Directions)
- Afdrukken (Print)

Live Search Maps Netherlands features a consistent amount of content, including low resolution satellite imagery designed to offer users an ample view of the country to high resolution aerial photography, which will detail locations in specific sites. At the same time, Microsoft informed that the road coverage would be able to guide travelers throughout the country.

You need to download Virtual Earth 3D (Free) to be able to appreciate the maps.


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