Sunday, January 25, 2009

GeoTemporal, Marine data software

GeoTemporal, a software solution designed by SeaZone, to simplify the management of marine geographic information, is scheduled to be launched at forthcoming Ocean Business 2009 conference. The event will take place on 31 March – 02 April 2009 at National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK. The software manages tide, current and wave datasets captured from Acoustic Doppler Profilers, together with other oceanographic, hydrographic and meteorological information such as water quality and wind speed data. It allows the import of custom datasets and links to GIS and external databases, bringing a variety of data together for further analysis and improved reporting and decision making.

GeoTemporal is claimed to be useful to marine surveyors, engineers, data managers and consultants. Through an interface, users can import, quality control, analyse and present data from multiple sources. Additional capabilities allow the export of data in open formats for further use in GIS and other applications such as environmental modelling.


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