Sunday, January 11, 2009

ERDAS TV rolls out online videos

What an amazing way for ERDAS to attract the millions of online video fanatics out there! ERDAS launches ERDAS TV. The new feature of offers informative videos that capture development news and other events at ERDAS. It broadcasts useful information via short online videos, tapping the capabilities of YouTube.

So far, there are 3 webisodes: The History of ERDAS, Inside the ERDAS IMAGINE War Room (Part 1) and ERDAS at the GEOINT Symposium 2008.

You can access and watch ERDAS TV in two ways:
- Visit the site directly.
- Or visit ERDAS TV YouTube channel.

This is the latest ERDAS TV video. ERDAS describes its commitment to the GEOINT community at the 2008 GEOINT Symposium in Nashville, TN.

More videos will be posted soon. Keep posted by subscribing to the feeds for free.

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