Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ERDAS Archived Webinars - now opens

ERDAS archived webinars is now open for all users who missed the past free scheduled webinars. Interested individuals can now view the useful information at their convenient time.

In 2008, ERDAS launched a series of webinars, featuring at least two different topics each month. These webinars highlight new solutions and enhancements, the interoperability of ERDAS’ offerings with other geospatial products and unique customer implementations. This includes regularly highlighting the enhancements and upcoming developments to ERDAS IMAGINE and its related products. Some of the other topics include, Rapidly Connect and Share Your World, Extract the Frustration from Feature Extraction and Securely Clip, Zip and Ship Massive Amounts of Data.

With ERDAS TV, archived webinars and other product movies and demonstrations, ERDAS customers have access to a broad range of useful, interactive media that illustrate how ERDAS solutions can meet their needs.


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