Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Download Map Suite Web Edition 3.1 - trial version

ThinkGeo has released the final versions of its Map Suite Web Edition 3.1, Map Suite Services Edition 3.1 and Map Suite World Map Kit extension products. Formerly in beta testing, these three GIS software products are claimed to make mapping applications developed on Microsoft's .NET platform easier, faster and more powerful.

The final edition of Map Suite Web Edition 3.1 empowers developers of Web-based .NET mapping applications with faster and simpler coding, broad support for data and image formats, and a host of powerful rendering styles, spatial querying and geometric manipulation features. Services Edition 3.1 lets developers create their own Windows services, Web services and console applications in .NET. Last but not least, the World Map Kit can be added to either Web Edition or Services Edition as a high-performance extension, and offers a complete set of map data covering the entire world.

Each product's final release includes numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements that were identified not only by Map Suite's development team, but also through feedback from the large community of Map Suite users.

A free download of the 60-day evaluation of Web Edition 3.1 or Services Edition 3.1 can be done from ThinkGeo's website. Customers who purchased the beta version of Web Edition, Services Edition or the World Map Kit are entitled to a free upgrade to the final release. Licensees of Web Edition and Services Edition can download the final release from the ThinkGeo Customer Portal.


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