Monday, January 12, 2009

CartoUS 2009 mapping database, released

The newly released CartoUS 2009 mapping database from Spatial Insights, Inc. now has the recent updates of the US Census Bureau TIGER files. With updates done yearly, CartoUS 2009 is an invaluable asset to users of mapping software.

With a total of 66 layers of mapping data, the seamless CartoUS 2009 data are available by county, state, region, or nationwide, and include Puerto Rico and the US Territories. Ten new layers of data are included with this new release.

Layers provided in CartoUS include roads (primary, secondary, and local), Census boundaries (from block group and larger), metro areas, landmarks, legislative and school district boundaries, railways, water features, American Indian reservations, and ZIP code tabulation areas. New layers include military installations, and five new Economic Census boundaries.

CartoUS 2009 formats include MapInfo ProfessionalTM TAB and ESRITM SHAPE file formats. Expedited delivery is available via ftp download.


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