Friday, January 30, 2009

Air surveillance techniques at SurTech 2009

Luciad, software provider for distribution and visualisation of geospatial information, will be presenting and demonstrating at the SurTech 2009 Conference (Feb 3-4, London) on how the seamless integration of the next generation environmental and aeronautical surveillance data results in improved situational awareness and operational performance.

At the conference, Luciad will highlight how the latest advances in surveillance visualisation technology enable the smooth integration of terrain and obstacle data with the aeronautical surveillance data into one coherent picture. The EUROCONTROL CAPT project, in which Luciad has been involved from the start, will be used to illustrate the practical use and improved situational awareness resulting from this technology. The Coverage Analysis and Planning Tool (CAPT) has been developed to aid users in the positioning and specification of ADS-B and TIS-B ground stations for optimal range and reception. Also phase 2 - due later this year - will be covered, offering support for Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) technology and an improved user experience.

The SurTech 2009 Conference – in collaboration with the Royal Aeronautical Society – aims to provide Air Traffic Professionals (ANSPs, airports, industry) with an insight towards key strategy developments, user experiences and technical innovations on the pre-eminent issues in surface and airborne surveillance.


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