Friday, December 19, 2008

Topcon GMS-2 Pro, with laser measurement technology

GMS-2 Pro, the new handheld GIS mapping solution with integrated auto-focus digital camera and laser distance meter, has been released by Topcon Positioning Systems.

The GMS-2 Pro provides technological advancements to the GMS-2 that “raise the bar” on what a hand-held GPS device can do for GIS professionals.

When Topcon introduced the GMS-2 hand-held mobile GPS GNSS receiver, the rugged, compact unit was the industry’s first GIS-GPS product with 50-channel dual-constellation tracking, and an integrated digital camera and electronic compass.

The GMS-2 Pro offers an integrated laser distance meter that can be used in conjunction with the internal compass for offset measurements. Just shoot the obstructed feature with the laser from a wide open, convenient location and your offset position is calculated. Even use the laser to obtain height and width measurements of a feature. Use the stylus to tap two points on the associated image, and the distance, width and height will be instantly calculated and stored as an attribute to the feature. Select the option to geotag your image with date/time and position information for further detail. The internal camera can also be used as a barcode reader. Take a picture of the barcode and the barcode information can be read directly into the attribute field for that feature.

GMS-2 Pro applications include:
-- High Accuracy Mapping;
-- Asset management;
-- City development mapping;
-- Environmental research;
-- Utility management;
-- Agriculture field data collection;
-- Oil drilling investigation;
-- Forestry;
-- Disaster management investigation;
-- Crime scene investigation;
-- Public property management; and
-- Archeological research.


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