Monday, December 22, 2008

Signature Analyst 3.1 with ArcGIS Extension

Centredaily reports: SPADAC, a provider of spatially enhanced technology solutions, announced the release of Signature Analyst 3.1, the latest version of its patented and commercially available geospatial predictive analysis tool featuring an ArcGIS extension that provides users with advanced spatial statistics and modeling to enable suitability analysis, risk assessment and resource allocation.

Signature Analyst 3.1 provides geospatial analysts a statistical approach to analyze events within an area of interest (AOI), discover relationships between events and factors, and predict where similar events might occur. Input data layers include physical, socio-cultural, economic, demographic and GEOINT factors from a variety of sources including ArcSDE. Finished output products generated, called geospatial assessments, often are visualized as a hot-spot map. The software enables analysts the ability to analyze thousands of data layers and discover relationships, patterns and preferences.


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