Friday, December 26, 2008

New Mobile GPS tracking software bundle released

New software that enables a Windows GPS PDA to display the accurate, real-time location of other participating PDAs has been launched in a low price bundle for two PDAs, creating an affordable, downloadable personal GPS tracking system for just £49. The location tracking is GPS-accurate, works worldwide to within a few metres, and is updated continuously. The tracked units are displayed on a map for easy navigation.

The bundle contains:

1 X GPS software and login for KoolTrax Handset for mapping & tracking
1 X GPS software and login for KoolTrax Mobile for tracking only
1 X software and login for KoolTrax PC for mapping and administration

Users can add as many KoolTrax phone software downloads as they wish to locate friends, family, children, vehicles and colleagues who will appreciate not having to carry an additional tracking device (although a dedicated GPS tracker is available where providing a PDA is not appropriate, for instance, monitoring someone with Alzheimer's or other dementia, or tracking a small child for security).

Blue Tree Systems' KoolTrax PC (included) allows users to administer the phones remotely, for example to set inside/outside geofences, see the breadcrumb history, set the position tracking interval, and set up contacts for alerts (by email or SMS).

Key features include:

• No limit to the number of KoolTrax™ trackers you can watch on your PC
• An alert button - for emergencies
• Boundary alerts
• Breadcrumb trail history


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