Friday, December 26, 2008

AtlasCT version 3.2, released

AtlasCT, a developer and provider of worldwide mapping and location-based solutions both for the web and mobile marketplaces, is announcing the release of AtlasWeb SDK 3.2, an advanced package for Internet-based maps and GIS applications development. AtlasWeb SDK ( is a JavaScript based set of functions which enables mapping capabilities for web applications. It provides flexibility in developing customized mapping applications over the web. The AtlasWeb SDK package is specially designed for web developers. It contains ready for use JavaScript classes for easy and quick application building.

The new 3.2 version implements Object Oriented Programming, with its well known benefits of flexibility and simplicity for application development.

Version 3.2 provides additional features and enhanced functionality, the highlights are:

• Added/improved support for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3, Opera and Apple Safari web browsers.
• Added unique and innovative geo-fencing capabilities.
• New map events.
• New grayscale mode.


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