Friday, November 21, 2008

Topcon GIS Business Partner program creates opportunities

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS), through its Emerging Business Unit, has established a Topcon GIS Business Partner program.

The Topcon GIS program is available to companies involved in GIS business applications that create a solution or provide a service that complements Topcon’s mapping and GIS data collection products.

There are two categories for Topcon GIS Business Partners:

1. OEM partners – for third party software and application developers; and
2. GIS solution partners – for firms providing GIS services.

“There are several key benefits to being a Topcon GIS business partner,” Richard Rybka, Topcon’s GIS partner development manager, said.

The benefits include:

--Direct purchase of GIS products from TPS;
--Obtain marketing/advertising/trade show support, and cost sharing;
--Access to Topcon developer resources;
--Network with other Topcon business partners;
--Presence on the TPS web site; and
--Special offers with Topcon products.

Rybka said, “This program is the perfect platform for companies to join with Topcon to build end-to-end solutions geared toward any specific GIS application. As a result, the customer gets a GIS mobile data collection and management solution with an easy workflow and acquires the tools to solve their specific business challenges. The opportunities available through this program provide a new revenue stream for the partner. Their customers receive the benefits of TPS technology.”

Information on the new program is now available on the Topcon Positioning Systems website.


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