Monday, November 24, 2008

Telmap wins Life to BlackBerry award

Telmap, the global leader in innovative mobile mapping and navigation solutions, today announced that it has won the ‘Life on BlackBerry’ award at the EMEA Alliance Program Innovation Awards in Monaco. The award recognises Telmap for its contribution to the overall experience when using a BlackBerry device, and ultimately the product differentiation it has brought to the BlackBerry platform.

Oren Nissim, CEO of Telmap said: “This accolade is testament to Telmap’s continuing success and commitment to innovation and will see the company continue to develop progressive mobile search, mapping and navigation solutions tailored to the needs of the mobile user.”

Telmap delivers an advanced mobile navigation experience and its technology has already been selected by many of the industry’s leaders in mobile, such as Vodafone, Orange FT Group, Carphone Warehouse, O2, AOL MapQuest, ATT, Sprint amongst others.

By harnessing Telmap’s white-labelled mobile mapping, search and LBS solution, it enables users on-the-move to search map and navigate to their required destination. Telmap goes beyond your average GPS solution by integrating real time information that touches on many aspects of the consumer’s daily life. These include traffic and weather updates, traffic congestion routing, speed camera alerts, restaurant listings and other premium services.

Exclusive to Vodafone, the new BlackBerry Storm was launched last week and included Find & Go - its search, mapping and navigation application that is powered by Telmap – which was designed specifically for the Storm’s advanced touch user interface.

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