Friday, November 07, 2008

SatGuide Logger – The Power to Track

SatNav Technologies is to set yet another benchmark in the GPS world, with the launch of its new gadget. The SatGuide Logger launched recently by SatNav Technologies, is indeed an integrated solution for all Fleet Management companies and for individuals who hire drivers in India. This sleek and stylish looking device can record the movement of vehicles up to 13 hours and is made available for an attractive price.

SatGuide Logger can enable any USP Port to be GPS enabled and is aimed in increasing the efficiency and profitability of the Management. Features like built-in battery and antenna ensures that the SatGuide Logger captures all the location data required, in microseconds.

The gadget is priced at an attractive amount of Rs. 6,990 making it a priority eye-catcher for all the Fleet & Logistics Management Companies in the country. The device can be easily installed in vehicles and can be enabled for recording complete trip information (route followed, stoppages, speed of vehicle, etc) thus providing offline or passive tracking solution.

Right from the beginning of the journey, the device tracks all the movements of the vehicle and stores it as data in its memory. On finishing the whole course of the journey and returning to its final destination, the logger can be plugged into any USP Port and the management can retrieve and view the routes and pit-stops made by the vehicle during the course of the day. A massive number of data points (Latitude, and Longitude values) as many as 130,000 can be recorded by the device at a given time. The device also re-traces all the routes covered by the vehicles during the trip with the help of SatGuide maps which ensures that the vehicle is not misused by the operator for personal use.

On logging onto the data, all users can view details like distance covered by the vehicle, average speed of the vehicle, duration of each pit stop etc. Unique details like over speeding, major detours etc are also captured by the device and can be monitored by the Management.

This device is to provide a wholesome solution to the various obstacles faces by Logistics Management for a token MRP and has configurable data logging settings. Agencies eagerly waiting for this kind of a quick fix solution do not have to wait beyond this point as this device is here in the market to steal all the limelight.



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