Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Revolutionary 3D maps for Norway's largest web-portal

Schibsted's new 3D map service at and is a commercial break-through for the Norwegian based company myVR Software AS. myVR's unique patented streaming and viewing technology for real time distribution of interactive 3D models is the key element in enabling these high-res photorealistic 3D maps for the Internet.

The leading Norwegian media-corporation has adapted myVR's distribution and viewing to enhance its internet based mapping services implemented in their web-portals. With myVR's technology integrated in their web-solutions you can now freely move around in 3D in the capitol of Norway, Oslo. This is the world's largest realistic 3D model online; it even includes every tree and bush in the capitol. A taste of Web 3.0 if you like...

We have high expectations for this map-solution, and the myVR technology is definite match with our other web-technologies and solutions, says Per Eirik Marton, Product Director Mapping at The system is effective, stable and really easy and fast to implement in our web environment.

"Military missile technology"

The contract with the Schibsted group is the first commercial launch of a close technology cooperation between myVR Software and the Swedish C3 Technologies (a spinoff from SAAB) - and is a comprehensive development project supported by the Norwegian government through Innovasjon Norge.

The combination of C3 Technologies powerful software, which automatically creates high-res realistic 3D models based upon aerial photography, and myVR's extremely effective technology for distribution and viewing of large and elaborate 3D models over the Internet, is unique. Even large 3D models can be viewed interactively on a standard PC, with a basic Internet connection.

The C3 Technologies solution is based upon a patented process, where aerial photography taken from many angles, are automatically processed to create a large scale photo realistic 3D model. myVR then converts and combines these 3D model data with traditional 3D mapping data from Norkart, creating a unique 3D- model for the entire country of Norway.

Patented technology

myVR Software has on their side, developed a patented technology for streaming and viewing of massive 3D VR-models over the Internet - now also for interactive 3D city models, which is revolutionary. The myVR-solution automatically converts and exports the 3D model to a streaming server for interactive access through myVR 3D MapView and/or myVR NetView from any PC with an Internet connection. The viewing applications are based upon an extremely efficient and "intelligent" rendering engine that the user can download freely to their PC. Due to the patented compression and model-reorganization that takes place limits the requirement to distribute large amounts of data, which normally would be needed. The viewing client even automatically adjusts itself depending on the available graphical resources, so it works well even for networks with limited bandwidth.

Unknown possibilities

myVR also supports multiple data sources within rich 3D models such as; audio, video, flash, images and more. This opens up for a wide range of new possibilities. E.g. property development and property sales, where you now can put ads in and on buildings, sightseeing and guided tours etc.

Currently we support 3D-model data from C3 Technologies, Norkart, Autodesk 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Google SketchUp. Support for other 3D formats will follow shortly.

The Norwegian capitol, Oslo is the first release of the new 3D city maps. Over the coming months all major cities in Norway will be made available online in high resolution 3D.

For more information: Visit myVR Software AS and C3 Technologies AB


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