Monday, November 10, 2008

Next Release of SpatialKey at IACP

Universal Mind, Inc., today previewed the latest release of its SpatialKey Law Enforcement Dashboard at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference. SpatialKey gives law enforcement agencies unprecedented access and insight into their operational, intelligence and crime data. The speed and ease of use of the dashboard enables casual users to accomplish in a matter of minutes what previously would take trained analysts hours or days.

The newest SpatialKey adds significant enhancements to the already powerful management, geospatial analysis and reporting dashboard. Extensive feedback from commanders, special units, patrol operations and crime analysts from a broad range of police and sheriff organizations helped shape this release of SpatialKey. The dashboard provides these groups the ability to interactively view and analyze data and create map-based reports using information from the agency's existing systems.

Key improvements in this SpatialKey release include the ability to:

-- Use charts and graphs for analysis and reports.

-- Create and save personalized views of information, analysis and

-- Filter data by custom areas such as a focused patrol area or district.

-- Understand and report on the impact of law enforcement initiatives
using new reporting tools with side-by-side map views that can be used to
compare the same area at different points in time.

-- View multiple data sets concurrently. As an example, crime and
offender location data could be overlaid to make it easier to see matches.

-- Better manage information access and rights via Data, User and User
Group administration tools.

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