Monday, November 03, 2008

New DAT/EM TouchPad and TouchScreen devices

DAT/EM Systems International is proud to announce the addition of our new TouchPad and TouchScreen key devices. The new DAT/EM TouchPad and TouchScreen are exciting new interface devices that allow the user to program a virtual key layout or use an existing DAT/EM Keypad overlay.

Responsive to just the touch of a fingertip, the two new surfaces provide a slick and durable alternative to DAT/EM’s traditional Keypad device. “The two new key devices have the benefit of a design capable of handling long-term usage without losing functionality over time.” says Chad Carpenter, Senior Engineer at DAT/EM. “The picture quality is very sharp, and the digital nature of the interface allows for easy manipulation of the keypad display. They are simply great products.”

The new ‘TouchPad’ from DAT/EM Systems International will allow operators to quickly and efficiently issue command sequences during map compilation. The touch-responsive interface, which has no moving parts, can either display a virtual keypad or work with existing DAT/EM Keypad overlays. Easily programmable, the Touchpad can display key diagrams both horizontally and vertically.

The new ‘TouchScreen’ from DAT/EM Systems International is a stand-alone LCD monitor with an integrated tactile interface. With a single touch, the TouchScreen allows operators to quickly and efficiently send command sequences during map compilation. Existing DAT/EM Keypad overlay files may be used or customized as required. The small, stable footprint takes up little space, allowing for greater versatility. The DAT/EM TouchScreen can also be used as an additional system monitor.

The original DAT/EM Keypad is a multipurpose reprogrammable touch pad. Originally designed to run with our DAT/EM Capture stereoplotter interface, the DAT/EM Keypad is versatile enough to use either as an accessory or a stand-alone product. The Keypad membrane has 252 easily programmable keys. Its changeable 8 ½” by 11” overlay/menus are easily customized and printable on any system printer.

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