Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New “CIP-ER” White Paper Series

The Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) announced the release of a new Geospatial Dimensions of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Response (CIP-ER) white paper series, which will include at least seven white papers published into the fall of 2008 and spring of 2009.

The series focuses on the interdependencies of the vertical markets where GITA members and constituents use geospatial technology, including electric utilities, gas utilities, public agencies, telecommunications companies, water utilities, transportation agencies, and pipeline companies.

The first of the series, Infrastructure Interdependencies, is now available at http://www.gita.org/ciper, along with an article by GITA’s Executive Director, Bob Samborski, which introduces the series. The article also describes how the white paper series is the next installment in GITA’s efforts to be a top resource for geospatial solutions to infrastructure.

The mission of the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) is to provide excellence in education, information exchange, and applied research on the use and benefits of geospatial information and technology in worldwide infrastructure organizations.

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