Thursday, November 06, 2008

NAVTEQ Expands Dynamic Content to Flight Status and Fuel Prices

NAVTEQ, a leading global provider of digital map data for location-based solutions and vehicle navigation, today announced an exciting expansion to its dynamic content portfolio. Already a leading provider of camera alert data and real-time traffic to navigation systems, NAVTEQ now has Air Travel Status and Fuel Prices available for beta testing, with plans for commercial launch in Q1/09. Both products leverage formats that can be rapidly deployed, linked to NAVTEQ Map data and supported by NAVTEQ's 24x7 technical teams.

NAVTEQ's Air Travel Status enables navigation systems and applications to provide a detailed view of the air travel experience for hundreds of U.S.-based airports and thousands of flights. Air Travel Status provides flight arrival and departure information for most domestic flights, as well as travel-related information for hundreds of U.S. airports -- including current weather conditions, overall delay status and average security line wait times. This multi-faceted overview gives a realistic snapshot of the commercial air travel experience, helping consumers make key decisions such as whether they have sufficient time to refuel a rented vehicle at the nearest station before catching a flight home.

NAVTEQ's Fuel Prices, another new dynamic POI data product from NAVTEQ, helps navigation systems and applications meet the everyday needs of drivers searching for the most economic fuel prices. This data, matched to fuel stations on the NAVTEQ(R) map, enables proximity searches for the lowest available price for diesel and Ethanol/E85 as well as regular, mid-grade and premium gasoline. Fuel Prices data complements other NAVTEQ products that help drivers of hybrid and other lower-emission passenger or light commercial vehicles locate specific fuel types, of which the distribution is not yet widespread. Finally, Fuel Prices data can also be configured to proactively deliver data as drivers reach certain milestones, such as miles driven or when a fuel gauge reaches a certain level.

NAVTEQ's dynamic POI content -- launching first in the U.S., with expansion to Europe thereafter -- lends itself to quick and flexible integration into location-aware applications. For example, the data could be configured to "push" information such as fuel prices to navigation systems as drivers cross certain thresholds, like miles driven since the last fill-up, or when the gas gauge reaches half full. Alternatively, this data also easily lends itself to proximity searches -- enabling drivers to search by a wide variety of criteria, such as price or preferred brand.

Leveraging integration-friendly formats and innovative location referencing will also minimize time to market for integration into customer applications. Finally, NAVTEQ will provide 24 x 7 technical support and delivery of its dynamic POI data -- something NAVTEQ customers have come to expect from the industry leader in compelling map content.

NAVTEQ pioneered the delivery of accurate, real-time traffic solutions in North America with products like NAVTEQ Traffic,(TM) which delivers comprehensive, up-to-the minute traffic information to more than 45 million North American consumers. NAVTEQ also frequently updates its content products like NAVTEQ Camera Alert,(TM) which informs users about locations of speed limit cameras and radar zones to them help avoid moving violations. Today's expansion of these capabilities further demonstrates the company's ability to deliver meaningful dynamic content integrated with the industry's most widely used map for navigation.*

"Dynamic POI content from NAVTEQ delivers accurate, real-time information that consumers -- and manufacturers -- need," said David Assouline, NAVTEQ's director of global content. "This real-time content augments the value of the industry-leading NAVTEQ Map in new and exciting ways."



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