Saturday, November 29, 2008

Infoterra new high definition land cover mapping product

Infoterra Ltd, a leader in the provision of geospatial products and services, has launched LandBaseTM, its new high definition land cover mapping product. LandBase combines the latest object based classification technology and digital aerial imagery to provide an unrivalled land cover product, allowing viewing down to 1:5000 scale/property level. This enables the extraction of meaningful land cover data for a range of applications including; environmental and habitat management, change detection, flood modelling and infrastructure planning.

Within LandBase, a specified spatial area can be displayed with an associated list of land cover classifications, such as buildings, trees, shrubs, artificial surfaces, inland water and bare ground. LandBase features two levels of land cover classification: level one, at a minimum mapping unit of 1 ha, distinguishes between aquatic, cultivated and built-up areas, and level two delivers a further ten classifications down to a specified 50m2 area.

Developed as a land cover framework solution for use within a GIS system, LandBase supports specific spatial queries such as 'how much of the land in a given area is covered with artificial surfaces?' or 'covered with forest?' Available as an off-the-shelf product, LandBase has been designed to enable the creation of custom solutions, such as, inclusion of further detailed classifications.

Examples of potential LandBase applications include:

* Habitat Mapping built-in boundary information and the ability to enhance classification for a custom solution, makes LandBase an ideal solution for habitat mapping.

* Change Detection serves as an accurate foundation for monitoring change, such as the extent of artificial surfaces.

* Land Use Mapping enables visual display of land use, such as urban sprawl.

* Infrastructure Planning the existing land cover of proposed sites and corridors can be viewed and included within planning proposal.

* Utilities Support LandBases information supports both network planning and maintenance programmes.

* Flood Modelling featuring data on both soil sealing and land height, LandBase offers data for inclusion in flood models to support more accurate run-off calculations.

View some LandBase data online.


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